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    After leaving Cinque Terre, we took a train to Florence with a stopover in Lucca.



    After arriving in Florence, we boarded a fast train heading south to Naples. A beautiful city with character. Definitely one of the best cities I have visited. The roads in the old city are still cobblestone. We did a tour of the underground where the temperature drops and you walk through the aqueduct by candlelight, a welcome reprieve from a very warm summers day above. We had some pizza and other Italian dishes, particularly gelato. I'll let the photos speak for themselves below.







    After a few nights in Naples, we headed further south via Herculaneum and Pompeii. Both cities were destroyed by the famous eruption of Mt Venusvious in 79 AD. The former buried in lava and the latter buried by ash. You can take a train from Naples to Sorrento, stopping at both sites. It is recommended to spend time at both sites on separate days, however, we were able to comfortably do both and make it to Sorrento for the evening.









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    Italy - Cinque Terre

    22/10/2013 6:30:00 am

    We headed off the next morning early to catch a train north to Cinque Terre from Florence. Cinque Terre is UNESCO World Heritage site and National Park that includes 5 towns along the Italian coast, including the coastline. 

    Ryan and I decided to head to Riomaggiore - the first of the 5 villages heading south to north along coastline, with another traveller, Nick, whom we met in Florence. Without accommodation booked, we decided to see what we may find. Literally, stepping off the train, we discovered a hostel metres from the train station. We walked through the town and decided the hostel was the way to go, heading back we dropped our bags and decided what to do. After enquiring about the walk that takes you through all 5 towns, unfortunately we discovered the first two legs of path (Riomaggiore to Manarola, Manarola to Cornigula) were closed. However we could walk from Cornigula. After a quick swim, we headed into the township of Cornigula for lunch of seafood spaghetti. Filled, we began the walk to Monterosso via Vernazza. It was an amazing view - you could see Cornigula on the mountain top below as we reached the peaks along the edge of the cliffs.


    Sweaty and thirsty, we descended into the township of Vernazza - incredible. From here, we had a break and noticed an entrance through the cliff that led to a beach where we swam in the stunning aqua blue water of the Mediterranean Ocean. Recharged, it was decided to catch the train to Monterosso. Here we wandered the streets, had some amazing seafood and ultimately caught the train back to Riomaggiore around 11pm and took another look around Riomaggiore until early in the morning.


    The next day, after some breakfast and we said goodbye to Nick, had another walk around Riomaggiore and decided it was time to head to Naples with a quick stop along the way to Lucca.



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    I left Brisbane in August to start a big adventure overseas. First stop was Singapore before a connecting flight to London. I do quite enjoy Changi Airport, there are many things to do to keep you occupied such as watching a movie or visiting the Butterfly Garden. After landing in London, I passed customs, caught a train and went to where I was staying for the night. The next day, after a quick walk around the centre of London, I boarded another flight to Florence in Italy.

    Florence is an interesting city. I first saw it by night as I didn't arrive at the hostel until about 1am in the morning. The next day on a walking tour as part of The Fanatics tour, we explored the sights of Florence. Later that afternoon we visited Pisa and saw the leaning tower of Pisa. The evening was followed by watching the sun set over Florence and a walk back down the hill into the city.




    The next morning we awoke to catch a train to Siena for the Palio di Siena, a horse race which runs twice a year through the main square of Siena. The history of the race extends back hundreds of years. We arrived quite early for lunch and then headed to the main square to wait most of the day in our position. The race itself lasts approximately 90 seconds and it is extremely fast. Here are some photos waiting for the race to commence and during the race. After the event concluded we headed back to Florence, before waking the next morning to spend another day exploring Florence. We had a great dinner and then went to bed rather early to awake the next morning for the train ride to Cinque Terre.